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General Points

The website is published by the firm PRAD Avocats whose contact details are as follows: 5 rue Fischart 67000 STRASBOURG

The publishing manager is Maître Daniele HUBLER, whose telephone number is +33 (0)3 88 83 00 10 and whose email address is

The website was produced by Vertical Square, whose registered office is located at VAUX 73170 VERTHEMEX .

The website is hosted by OVH.

The following provisions constitute a contractual agreement between the web user and PRAD Avocats.

Thus, by accessing, browsing, or using the website, web users acknowledge that they have acquainted themselves with the present provisions and agree to be governed by them.

Similarly, web users agree to be governed by and to comply with the legislation and regulations applicable to the website and to its contents.

The firm PRAD Avocats reserves the exclusive right to amend these legal notices and more generally all of the other information appearing on the website, and also to improve or amend the contents of the website at any time and without giving any prior notice.

Access to the website

Access to is free of charge and, in principle, unrestricted, the cost of access to and use of the telecommunications network remain incumbent on the web user using the website, on the terms and conditions set by their own Internet access provider.

It is recalled at all times that accessing or staying in a computer system fraudulently, hindering or distorting operation of a computer system or fraudulently changing the data thereof constitute offences carrying criminal penalties.

By using this website, the web user therefore undertakes not to disrupt proper operation of it by malevolent deeds.

In particular, the web user undertakes not to use any process making it possible to extract data from or to download the website for offline browsing or other purposes, the website being the exclusive property of PRAD Avocats.

Contents of the website

PRAD Avocats reserves the right to amend the content, the information, and the presentation of its website and declines any liability for error or omission as regards the contents of the pages of its website.

PRAD Avocats may not be held liable if a legal decision is rendered on the basis of contents appearing on the website.

However, PRAD Avocats undertakes not to put on line any content or information that is illicit or contrary to decent moral standards.

However, should a web user deem that any content does not comply with this undertaking or infringes on an exclusive right, PRAD Avocats undertakes to take the appropriate steps for causing the infringement or breach to cease, subject to it being established.

The information published on the website is non-contractual, and PRAD Avocats may therefore not be held liable in the event of inaccuracy or omission.

Personal data

The website is exempted from the requirement of declaring that it collects personal data, pursuant to the French Data Protection Authority’s Deliberation (CNIL Deliberation) No. 2006-138 of 9 May 2006:

Article 2. − Purposes of the processing.

The processing should have the sole purpose of compiling and using a file of addresses for external communications or information purposes in connection with the purpose or activity pursued by the natural or juristic person who implements the processing, to the exclusion of any commercial soliciting.

When an on-line public communications service (website) is used, processing of connection/login data may be performed for purely statistical purposes.

Article 3. − Data processed.

The data processed for achieving the purposes described in Article 2 is:

identity: surname, forenames, address and telephone number (landline or mobile telephone), fax number, email address;

occupational life: business address, capacity or position held, qualifications and distinctions;

centres of interest, to the exclusion of those that cause the following to appear directly or indirectly: people’s racial or ethnic origins, political, philosophical, or religious opinions, or union membership, or that relate to people’s health or sex life (Article 8 of the French Law of 6 January 1978 as amended);

connection/login data (date, time, internet protocol address of the visitor’s computer, page consulted) solely for statistical purposes for estimating the number of visitors to the website.

The data recorded may not undergo any other processing or interconnections or link-ups with other applications.

The data recorded may not be used for political, electoral, or commercial canvassing or prospecting.

Article 4. − Recipients of the data.

Only authorised persons working for services or departments that are assigned to distributing the information referred to in Article 3 may be recipients of the data.

email addresses or other information transmitted to PRAD Avocats via the website shall not be either assigned/sold to third parties or used by PRAD Avocats without the consent of the web user.

In compliance with the provisions of the French Data Protection Law of 6 January 1978 on data-processing, files, and civil liberties, web users and users of the website have the rights to object to, to access, and to rectify the data concerning them that has been collected.

Those rights can be exercised by writing to, or by sending an email to the manager of the website at, accompanied by any evidence of identity.

Hypertext links

Web users shall not point any hypertext links to the website, except with the prior consent of the manager of the website, obtained by written request.

In any event, PRAD Avocats may not be held liable for any hypertext links that might point to this website.

In the same way, PRAD Avocats may not be held liable for any hypertext links present on the website and pointing to other websites.


Throughout their presence on the website, web users are informed that cookies might be installed on the hard disks of their computers. It is recalled that such cookies no not serve to identify the users of the website but rather they enable information relating to browsing on the website to be recorded.

Web users may object to cookies being deposited in their computers, unless the purpose of the cookie is to allow or to facilitate electronic communications or if it is necessary for providing an on-line communications service at the request of the user (e.g. user session; recording the language spoken, or other preferences; information necessary for operating a media player; visitor statistics, etc.).

For any other queries concerning the use of cookies and the deposition of cookies on their computers, the web user may send a query by email to the following address:

Intellectual property rights and exclusive rights

The website, in all of its structural and graphical elements, is governed by the provisions relating to protection by copyright, including protection sui generis of databases, enjoyed both by PRAD Avocats and by Studio Meta in its capacity as designer of the website.

It is recalled that everything on the website is owned by PRAD Avocats.

The content of the website may be protected by intellectual property rights, in particular, without the following being exhaustive: copyright, including database rights and software protection; neighbouring rights/related rights of copyright; trademark rights; and design rights.

We would draw the web user’s attention to the fact that any use, reproduction, representation, distribution, adaptation, operation/use free of charge or for a fee, constitutes infringement that is punishable criminally and civilly, except when the beneficiaries of the rights give their prior consent.

The above concerns the following, in particular: pages, texts, images, data, drawings, graphics, photos, and soundtracks, meta tags, source codes, plan, layout of the contents, structure or contents of the databases.

It is recalled that the component elements of the website may also be protected by exclusive rights distinct from the intellectual property rights, such as personality rights, rights of publicity/right to one’s image, and that the beneficiaries are grounded in acting against any web user who infringes on any of them.