Mergers & Acquisitions

PRAD Avocats is a recognised player for all legal and tax problems related to merger & acquisition operations. PRAD Avocats accompanies its clients from the prior audit phase, be it for preparing an acquisition (prior restructuring) or for preparing a sale (identifying the constraints and problems to be solved prior to the operation), through the drafting phase for establishing the legal, tax, and social documents (the signing phase), and on to the completion of the project (the closing phase). PRAD Avocats also handles post-closing constraints (managing legal or contractual guarantees (asset and liability guarantees), price review clauses, implementation of supporting protocols, and shareholder agreements, etc. Our teams intervene in particular in legal and tax structuring, auditing, prior restructuring, merger law, protocol negotiation, funding, and the social aspects, and they draft all of the documentation relating to the operation.

We intervene in the following fields:

Creation or Contribution

Auditing and Acquisition

Alliances between Businesses or Companies

  • Mergers
  • Partnerships
  • Joint Ventures


  • Partial Asset Contribution
  • Contribution-Assignment
  • Merger and Dissolution-Combination

Long-Term and Equity Financing Operations

  • Buying Back Securities
  • Capital Reduction or Redemption 
  • Issue of Financial Securitie