New technologies

The new technologies sector is a fast-growing one. One of the factors driving this boom is the favourable tax environment in France.

PRAD Avocats’ clients in this field are industrial companies established for many years (chemicals, genetic engineering, mechanical and fluid mechanics engineering, software design, pharmaceuticals industry, etc.) or startups requiring major starting investment.

PRAD Avocats assists its clients in financial and tax structuring for their technological development projects. To this end, whenever possible we use the tax levers of research tax credits and of young innovative enterprise status, and we support our clients in their approaches to institutional financial backers.

Renowned for the reliability of their advice, our lawyers use a very strict grid for analysing whether or not projects are eligible for research tax credits. Their advice in preparing tax files are invaluable when tax inspections are carried out.

We intervene in the following fields:

  • Research Tax Credit
  • Structuring, calculation, declaration, control/inspection, and litigation.
  • Young Innovative Enterprises
  • Structuring, advance tax ruling, control/inspection, and litigation.
  • Research Body Approval
  • Structuring, and interfacing with the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche)
  • Optimising public funding in view of its impact on calculating research tax credit.