Property/Real Estat

PRAD Avocats is one of the reference firms in handling legal and tax structuring of property investment and divestment.

The property investment operations in which the firm intervenes present an annual volume of several hundred million euros.

With recognised expertise in all sectors of property activity (retail outlets, offices, hotels, industrial premises, service residences, housing), and with multi-disciplinary and cross-border know-how, PRAD Avocats helps its clients to structure their projects legally and fiscally from acquisition to re-sale.

We intervene in the following fields:

Property Investment and Divestment

  • Legal and tax structuring of the investment and of the divestment. 
  • Acquisition Auditing
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Negotiating and drafting the acquisition or sale documents.
  • Negotiating and drafting the financial and surety documents.
  • Assistance with closing.

Property Funding

  • Structuring, negotiating, and drafting of the funding for property assets or for property asset portfolios.
  • Structuring, negotiating, and drafting the funding for property company securities.
  • Structuring, negotiating, and drafting leasing documents.
  • Negotiating and drafting guarantee contracts.
  • Drafting of legal opinions for financial establishments.
  • Restructuring of property debt
  • Re-funding

Property Taxation

  • Optimising taxation of property assets.
  • Stamp Duty
  • Property VAT
  • Cross-border structuring of property investments.
  • Structuring in France of property investments.
  • Taxation of leasing.
  • Construction Leases
  • Temporary assignments of usufruct.
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (SIIC) schedule.


  • Negotiating and drafting of leases on all types of buildings.
  • Leasing.
  • Leaseback
  • Construction Leases
  • Letting Management Agreements
  • Litigation related to leases.