Specialty: social law

André Ehrmann works in the field of social law. He has considerable professional experience acquired through working in-house, in particular as Legal Manager of small and medium-sized enterprises of the large scale retail and services sectors.

Through his experience out in the field, André is able to assist and advise his clients – large, medium-sized or small businesses – in solving all issues relating to individual and collective work relations from recruitment to termination of contract. 

In addition, André handles the social and industrial tribunal litigation of his clients.

André also advises company managers in optimising their legal status for tax and welfare contributions, their pension arrangements, managing the various offices they hold, negotiating their pay, or how they leave their companies.

Finally, he also assists and supports enterprise creators and acquirers in all of the social aspects of their project.



André holds a two-year Master’s Degree in Labour and Social Protection Law (Master II de Droit du Travail et de la Protection Sociale) obtained at the Law School (Faculté de Droit) of Nancy, a postgraduate degree (DESS) in Business Law and Taxation, and a degree as a Corporate Lawyer (DJCE) obtained at the Law School (Faculté de Droit) of Strasbourg. 

PRAD Avocats

He is one of the founding partners of PRAD Avocats.


André also lectures in labour law at the Law School of Strasbourg.

Photo de présentation de André Ehrmann, avocat associé fondateur du cabinet PRAD avocats.