Contractual Engineering

PRAD Avocats can help you effectively in handling your business-to-business contractual relations, be it for organising your relations upstream (contracts with your suppliers, group purchasing organisations or co-operatives, etc.) or downstream (contracts with your clients, business partners, intermediaries, etc.).

Beyond standard contracts or schemes, our lawyers work in close consultation with your teams (purchasing, finance, logistics, etc.) to draft the best clauses or contractual arrangements to bring you balance, flexibility, and security in your contractual relations with your various partners.

Nos domaines d'intervention

Vertical Relations

  • Drafting general sales terms & conditions or sales proposals or proposals for providing services
  • Logistics and Procurement Contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting terms & conditions and Internet charters
  • Negotiating and drafting partnership or distribution contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting partnership contracts

Horizontal Relations

  • Negotiating and drafting partnership and joint-venture contracts
  • Negotiating and drafting contracts relating to property rights (commercial leases, short-term leases, temporary occupancy agreements)
  • Agreements for developing and sharing industrial and intellectual property rights
  • Incorporating and operating silent partnerships, joint ventures, economic interest groups, or strategic alliances
  • Subcontracting and overall economic operations

Financial Relations

  • Negotiating and drafting contracts for funding, borrowing, and contributions to partner current accounts
  • Drafting and preparing cash centralisation or cash pooling agreements
  • Preparing and drafting contracts for issuing securities with investors

Nos avocats spécialisés

P Photo de présentation de Paul Azevedo, avocat associé fondateur du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Paul Azevedo

Founding partner lawyer

A Photo de présentation de André Ehrmann, avocat associé fondateur du cabinet PRAD avocats.

André Ehrmann

Founding partner lawyer

V Photo de présentation de Valentine Perrin, avocate collaboratrice du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Valentine Perrin

Collaborating lawyer

A Photo de présentation de Aliou Wone, avocat membre du réseau du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Aliou Wone

Member of the network - Associate lawyer PRAD Rennes