Arbitration and Litigation

PRAD Avocats is capable of advising you effectively and of managing all pre-litigation or litigation proceedings, and also of looking after your interests through arbitration in certain business sectors or sensitive cases in which it is common to use arbitration (internal or international arbitration).

Our lawyers know how to anticipate and to grasp accurately any litigious situation so as to advise you on the best possible choice of strategy, so as to help you and negotiate in mediation or arbitration proceedings, and so as to defend or to attack actively in order to preserve your financial interests or your strategic position.

Our experience also enables us as legal advisors to anticipate all litigious situations and to take contractual precautions or to put in place financial mechanisms that are best suited to your needs.

Litigation, in particular business litigation, requires experience of procedural law (for civil, commercial, enforcement, or administrative proceedings) be it for taking urgent action or for taking protective measures, and our lawyers have several years of that experience.

Nos domaines d'intervention

Civil and Commercial Litigation

  • Conventional proceedings for ruling on the substance/merits of the case before the regional court (Tribunal de Grande Instance), the commercial court, and the court of appeal (specialist chambers/divisions).
  • Specific proceedings between certain administrative authorities (complaints before the competition authorities).
  • Emergency or urgent proceedings before civil and commercial jurisdictions (with very short lead times (“à bref délai”), on fixed days (“à jour fixe”)).
  • Preventive or protective proceedings (summary proceedings, proceedings on request, appraisals, recordings of evidence, etc.)
  • Enforcement proceedings (protective/preventive measures (distress, mortgage, pledge) and enforcement measures).

Business Criminal Law

  • Preparing claim files
  • Assisting managers in certain proceedings and procedures (indictment, holding in police custody for questioning, hearings, confrontations).
  • Assistance and representation before the misdemeanours court for economic or criminal offences or for offences coming under corporate criminal law (breach of trust, misuse of company property, embezzlement, etc.)

Nos avocats spécialisés

P Photo de présentation de Paul Azevedo, avocat associé fondateur du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Paul Azevedo

Founding partner lawyer

A Photo de présentation de André Ehrmann, avocat associé fondateur du cabinet PRAD avocats.

André Ehrmann

Founding partner lawyer

V Photo de présentation de Valentine Perrin, avocate collaboratrice du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Valentine Perrin

Collaborating lawyer

J Photo de présentation de Julien Thiry, avocat membre du réseau du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Julien Thiry

Member of the Network - Associate lawyer PRAD Paris