Social Law

Although essential because it governs relations between employers and employees, social law has a poor reputation among company managers. It shifts and fluctuates, as does its subject matter: humans and their relationships with their work.

The consequences of applying or of disregarding legal or regulatory rules laid down by the French Labour Code (Code du Travail) or equivalent regulations and by increasingly prominent case law can be fully grasped only with experience acquired out in the firms, in daily contact with and in the practical context of relations between employees, and between employees and managers.

With its experience acquired out in the corporate world, the Social Law Department of PRAD AVOCATS assists and supports company managers in seeking and formulating solutions adapted to each situation, specific to each firm, unique and different.

This assistance and support aims to preserve the firm’s competitiveness by seeking means for qualitatively and quantitatively adapting its staffing, its partners, and its environment, and by implementing solutions conducive to establishing a favourable social climate.

The Social Law Department of PRAD AVOCATS also works in litigation. The experience acquired in handling and processing litigation case files in constant contact with the various jurisdictions that rule on social law disputes enables the Social Law Department of PRAD AVOCATS to assist and support its clients with a view to attaining goals and achieving results.

Finally, its command of social/welfare protection rules enables the Social Law Department of PRAD AVOCATS to advise its clients and to help them both in the out-of-court phase and in the litigation phase of inspections by the administrative authorities, and in particular by URSSAF or other bodies managing welfare contributions and social matters.

Nos domaines d'intervention

Social/Welfare Protection

  • Putting corporate providence fund and social protection mechanisms in place
  • Occupational Accidents and Diseases
  • URSSAF Inspections

Employment Contracts

  • Entering into Employment Contracts
  • Amending them
  • Breaking them off

Corporate Agreements and Practices

  • Determining and analysing applicable collective bargaining agreements and the link-ups between the various agreements
  • Drafting, negotiating, and entering into agreements; calling them into question and terminating them
  • Internal Rules and Implications
  • Practices: legal status and effects, termination
  • Charters (data-processing, data protection and protection of civil liberties, ethics, etc.)

Corporate Assignments and Acquisitions

  • Status of the Manager
  • Compliance/Conformity Audits
  • Transfers of Employees
  • Amendments to Employment Contracts
  • Seeking Financial Aid/Grants
  • Support and negotiations during projects to assign or to acquire companies

Employee Representation

  • Putting in place staff representatives, works committees, Health, Safety and Working Conditions Committees (CHSCTs), and relations with those bodies
  • Occupational Elections
  • Protected employees, offence of obstructing the workings of social bodies

Lifelong Vocational Training

  • Employer’s Obligations
  • Training Plan
  • Validation of experience as an equivalent to qualifications

Personnel Management

  • Calculating dismissal cost
  • Determining the procedures to be implemented
  • Intervention by staff representatives, consulting with the Works Committee
  • Preparing documents to be submitted to the Works Committee
  • Drafting of Job-Saving Redundancy Plans (Plans de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi)
  • Implementing support measures
  • Jobs and Skills Management
  • International mobility of employees

Optimisation of labour costs

  • Analysis of salary structures
  • Adaptation of contracts
  • Management of costs
  • Studying and implementing forms of pay that are not exempted from welfare/social contributions

Status of the Manager

  • Choice of status for the Manager, and of corporate offices held
  • Delegations and Sub-Delegations of Authority
  • Civil and Criminal Liability
  • Negotiating severance conditions for management executives
  • Legal costs (redundancy payments pursuant to agreements), and, where applicable, measures for supporting employees made redundant, Job-Saving Redundancy Plans (Plans de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi), outplacements, etc
  • Profit-sharing and other incentive plans with their usual corollaries: corporate savings plans, and pension schemes (PERCOs, PERPs, etc.)

Nos avocats spécialisés

A Photo de présentation de André Ehrmann, avocat associé fondateur du cabinet PRAD avocats.

André Ehrmann

Founding partner lawyer

M Photo de présentation de Marie Ehrmann, avocate collaboratrice du cabinet PRAD avocats.

Marie Ehrmann

Collaborating lawyer