The VISO Group and the IMC group form an alliance to become a key player in professional training in the Grand Est region.

Strasbourg, March 14, 2023. The Alsatian group of VISO schools and the Lorraine IMC group, made up of the IMC and EXCELMA schools, announce their merger with a view to constituting an important player in continuing education in the Grand Est region. Supported by the family founders of these schools, and alongside a network of partners historically anchored in the territory, the VISO group intends to provide a local response to support the development of skills in the region. 5 schools (OMNIS, IMC, HORIZON, EXCELMA, OSCAR), 7 campuses (Strasbourg, Metz, Nancy, Luxembourg, Forbach, Saint-Julien-lès-Metz), but a single DNA for young people to reach the top.
Chaired by Guillaume Lohr, the VISO group acquired the Strasbourg schools OMNIS, HORIZON and OSCAR in April 2022. The merger with the IMC group makes it possible to expand its diplomat training offer and establish its territorial network in the Grand Est.
Historically established in the territory for 25 years, the 5 schools now brought together under the VISO banner constitute all avenues of access to sectors of the future (digital, commerce, sciences, etc.). Accessible after the baccalaureate, with courses ranging from preparatory class to BAC+5, the VISO group’s schools spread over 7 campuses mainly offer work-study training courses.
This merger broadens the field of possibilities for young people thanks to an enriched training catalog and possibilities for geographical mobility within the group’s schools, as well as abroad.

One ambition: to train for the professions of today and tomorrow
Faced with the transformation of professions and skills, accentuated by the digital revolution and the ecological transition, the recruitment needs of companies are evolving, as are the appetites of younger generations. In this changing context, the VISO group wishes to provide a local response to support employment in the Grand Est region by pooling the skills and resources of each of its schools.
Training the professionals of tomorrow and meeting the recruitment needs of companies represents a mission of general interest and an essential component of the region’s competitiveness. The support of Bpifrance, Capital Grand Est and local businesses attests to this: VISO is a group of schools designed by business leaders to serve businesses.

Many possible routes for a personalized ascent.
The VISO Group offers around fifty training courses with international mobility opportunities and double degrees. Young people are supported in a personalized way in their journey by attracted VISO advisors, true “sherpas” who guide them on the path to employment.

According to Philippe Renesson, founder of the IMC group: “In order to maintain the state of mind that has always driven the school, it is with great enthusiasm that we approached the VISO group, our Alsatian mirror, with who we share the same values of teaching quality and proximity with students. We are convinced that this rapprochement allows the group to be even better equipped to train the talents of tomorrow. It is for this reason that “with my two colleagues, Stéphanie Jacques and Joël Héné, we did not hesitate to reinvest alongside VISO partners”

According to Guillaume Lohr, President of the VISO group: “Barely a few months after the acquisition of the OMNIS, HORIZON and OSCAR schools, the opportunity for a merger with the IMC group presented itself. It was obvious to me from the moment the start that this alliance had to be made. This evidence was quickly shared by the management team of the IMC group. I was then able to count on the unwavering support of my partners from the first day so that this rapprochement could take place and all, without exception, participated in the operation. For our students, as for local businesses, this alliance makes a lot of sense.”

VISO Group:
Guillaume Lohr, President
Bpifrance: Olivier Levy, Bruno Letterman, Julie Regnier
Capital Grand Est: François Lory, Jérémy Richard
Vivalto: Daniel Caille, Guillaume Caille, Sébastien Moisan, Sylviane Ansart
Private investors and family founders

IMC Group: Philippe Renesson, Joël Héné, Stéphanie Jacques and Valérie Lebrun

VISO group advice:
M&A Advice: Transversal Advice (Laura Wagner, Ralph Vinee)

Legal Advice: PRAD Avocats (Jessica Hess, Mathilde Lissonnet, Danièle Hubler), Orion (Olivier Bilger, Pascal Schmitt, Adeline Bezault), Sesame Avocats (Barbara Hart, Mathieu Combarnous), Adven (Mathieu Marcantoni)

Financial audit: PWC (Philippe Serzec, Guillaume De Rancourt, Arnaud Yguel, Louis Morante, Fabien Michet)

Strategic audit: PMSI (Rémi de Guilhermier, Florence Royer, David Mark)

Regulatory audit: Lafayette Associés (Jean-Christophe Chamayou, Chloé Cooper)

Tips from the IMC Group:

M&A Advisory: Aya Partners (Virginie Lagrange, Thibault Kerdoncuf, Quentin Favre)

Legal Advice: Cohen Amir Aslani (Karine Fitau, Clotilde Cattier, Jordan Le Gallo)

Banking partners:
Crédit Agricole Alsace Vosges (Alina Mourey, Thierry Stroh), Caisse d’Épargne Grand Est (Olivier Leyre, Frédéric Garion), Bpifrance (Ludovic Pouget, Gwenael Nicora)

Banking advice:
Cabinet Gowling WLG (Danhoe Reddy-Girard, Amine Lachheb)

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The VISO Group and the IMC group form an alliance to become a key player in professional training in the Grand Est region.

Strasbourg, March 14, 2023. The Alsatian group of VISO schools and the Lorraine IMC group, made up of the IMC...

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